American Valve

Scale prevention, industrial valves, actuators, operators and accessories

AquaSHIELD Enclosures

Heated and insulated backflow enclosures 

DFW Plastics, Inc.

Polymer meter pits and custom polymer lids

E-Z Weld

PVC, CPVC, and ABS solvent cements, primers, cleaners, and thread sealants

GA/VAG Industries

AWWA plug, check and flow valves and engineered specialty solutions 

King Innovation

Waterproof wire nuts, lug connectors and siphon pumps


ABS DWV cellular core and solid wall pipe

Sigelock Systems

1st true hydrant re-design, UL tamper resistant fire hydrants


Tapping sleeves, bell encapsulation, repair clamps and couplings


Backflows, PRV's, ACV's, mixing and relief valves and specialty products

Ames Fire & Waterworks

Backflow prevention assemblies and automatic control valves

Chicago Valves

Ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves & check valves 

Dura Plastics

Sch 40 & 80 fittings, nipples, valve boxes and drainage products


Backflow prevention devices, ball valves, strainers and kits 

Homestead Valve

Lubricated plug valves, eccentric plug valves and asphalt plug valves

Mueller Steam Specialty

The world’s largest supplier of strainers & provider of specialty products serving the valve industry

PHD Manufacturing

Strut, mechanical hangers, fasteners and supports


Pipe insulation protection shields 

U.S. Saws

Diamond cutting blades, cutting tools, beveling, coring and safety equipment


Grease, oil interceptors and fiberglass storage tanks 

Advanced Product Systems

Innerlynx link seals, casing spacers and isolation/ corrosion protection products


Decorative rock enclosures


MegaLug, flexible expansion joints, bell and flange coupling restraints


Flexible PVC sewer couplings and connection products


Water Intelligence for Industry

NAPCO Pipe & Fittings 

Sch. 40 & 80 PVC pipe, sewer and C900. Certa-Lok PVC pipe, couplings and yelomine pipe. SDR 35 and DWV fittings. 

Smart Ditch

HDPE ditch lining systems, site saver containment systems


AWWA eccentric plug valves, gate valves and UL wye strainers

Strong Box

Backflow enclosures, controller and specialty enclosures